Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Boulder...weird; home....good

I know that there is a tagline for Austin, Texas - "Keep Austin Weird," but have they been to Pearl Street in Boulder on a Saturday night? I have been to Boulder several times, but this time it made what happened at the New Belgium Brewery look mild. All I can say is - drum circle and a funky aroma (an aroma that was also present in our hotel)....makes for good people watching. We saw a gang of people on tricked out bigwheels, street performers with fire and unicycles, violins, pianos, and interesting interpretive dancing. It was a fun experience, but now we are headed home and driving through our beloved Kansas once more. We are contemplating a "Marcus" drive which involves driving 24 hours because we miss our bed so much, but we'll have to see what we can do. This trip has been an amazing experience. We have seen things that we never dreamed we would see, and I feel priveledged that we did. We have gained a new appreciation for the many landscapes of the U.S., and in the coming years we hope to explore more. What will be next? San Fran? Portland? Seatle? Alaska? Key West? New Orleans? Vegas? Or, should we think internationally? We have wanderlust. I wish I came up with this phrase, but I didn't. All I know know is that we have it. We love going to places where no one knows us. It's only then that you truly have the space to be fully yourself because no one knows you enough to pigeon hole you. I believe travel helps you to explore your many facets. I love it, and we have enjoyed rubbertramping across the U.S. In the words of Ozzy, "Mama, I'm coming home."

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