Sunday, July 4, 2010

Estes Park, CO: heaven on earth

There is nothing like the ride into Estes Park. You go from about 5,000 ft. to over 7,000 ft. (8,000 ft. at the YMCA of the Rockies where we stayed in about 45 minutes. The mountains that seemed faint and distant in Fort Collins soon feel like you can reach out and touch them up here. The trip transformed at this point. We are slipping out of modern conveniences, and into a simpler way of life. There are no TVs, no cell phone reception, and wildlife everywhere. Once you check in you receive warning about not leaving food out or lodge doors open because of the bears (which reminds me I need to go get a bear bell). I was fortunate to spend an entire summer here in 2003. Although renovations have taken place all around the grounds of the YMCA, I still get the same feeling of awe. I'm confident that this place is a piece of heaven. This morning Evan and I woke up and had a fantastic breakfast, followed by some time reading while gazing out to the snow capped Rockies. Then we parted ways - Evan went mountain biking and I went to the glorious craft shop. I chose to do a little tie-dying and then picked up some beads for future jewelry projects. Later in the day we went horseback riding and explored more of downtown Estes. The air is so sweet (and thin) up here!

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