Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wyoming the Wild and Windy

On our last day in Estes Park, we went up Trail Ridge Road which is the highest continuous highway in the US. The road is inside the Rocky Mountain National Park, and it is a wonderful place to spot wildlife. We were fortunate enuogh to come across a big herd of male elk which was amazing! After our time in Estes Park, we drove to Tie Siding, Wyoming home of the Wiles's ranch. Once we hit Wyoming the landscape opened up and the wind picked up. You can see for miles and miles. After getting settled and getting a good meal in us (Carol is the best cook in the world), we headed to see the fireworks. Evan and I told the Wiles that we were praying that we would see a moose. The Wiles told us that it's not the best time to see moose, but we were still hopefully. Sure enough on our way to the fireworks, we saw not one, not two but three moose. How about that? First we saw the bull and then further down the road we saw mama and baby. It was amazing!!! After that wonderful experience, we were off to the fireworks in the middle of no where. I was not really sure what to expect. Are they little fireworks? Are we driving into Laramie the nearest town at 25 miles away? Nay, nay these were BIG fireworks set off by crazy cowboys on the ranch....awesome combination. The fireworks were purchased at one of the few buildings in town, the post office. As dusk turned to dark, all I could see of these pyrotechnic cowboys was their outines, which reminded me of the Marlboro man. It was truly an experience, especially the finale. Apparently some of the fireworks were faced towards the crowd by accident, oops. Evan and I ran for cover and made it out unscathed. The next day we went horseback riding on the ranch horses. I rode Joker, fitting eh, and Evan rode Red. Evan did an amzing job for his first time on a horse, and I was pretty proud of myself after controlling my somewhat competetive horse. We finished the evening with a ranch potluck and got to know the wonderful people of this beautiful place. We are truly a part of nature here.

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