Friday, July 2, 2010


Kansas. This state deserves a post all to itself. I had heard all about how huge and flat it is, and it is true. What I was not expecting though was the beauty in it all. We stopped in Kansas City for some grub, and then got a late start on Kansas. In the dark we could not fully appreciate the great flatness or enormous windmills, but after spending a night in Hays we saw Kansas in all of its glory in the morning. The long flat ride through Kansas made the ride into Colorado even sweeter. Colorado starts off as a continuation of the flatness of Kansas, but then in the distance you see interesting cloud patterns that hover above the horizon. As we neared Denver and the altitude gradually increased, the clouds parted and there they were…..the majestic Rockies. If you have not seen the Rockies, come immediately if not sooner. Awe-inspiring. Huge. God’s playground.

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